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Florida Group Benefits, employee benefits and your business.

How to shop for a Florida group employee benefits insurance plan for your company's employees.

Florida group benefits are insurance plans for your employees that cover health, dental, vision and many other protection coverages depending on how comprehensive of a plan you wish to offer your workers and management. Often employers choose to not offer group benefits and decide to provide less compensation in the form of a higher salary or wages. While this seems to be a satisfactory alternative to offering insurance, business owners should reconsider how it affects the success of your company.

florida group benefits insurance agency in boca raton

The rationale is flawed because every salary or wage increase costs the employer an additional 10% to 20% in taxes and the employee loses a portion of that compensation to income taxes. Smart business owners realize that by offering that compensation in the form of an employee benefit insurance plan they can take advantage of tax deductions. Your employees can also receive extra income to fund their premiums with re-tax payroll deductions.

Recently a side by side comparison of Allstate and Aflac group benefits packages show that Allstate's benefits exceed those of Aflac and cost to employers are less with an employee benefits package from Allstate than with Aflac. Blue Sky Insurance is a licensed agent with Allstate among the other 70 insurance carriers we represent.

Hire more qualified personnel
The majority of the American work force prefers a good benefits package as one of their top priorities when searching for a job. Salary and a good benefits package along with a quality work environment are the most important features for job seekers. Over 34% of employers across the country have increased their group benefits packages just to remain competitive in the hiring process.

Employee retention saves your company money and it is one overlooked aspect of your overall budget. When you have to replace an employee because they found another company with better benefits it costs you in several key areas. Your staff becomes less productive during the transition period from losing employees to rehiring new ones. Often businesses have to retain temp workers during this phase which is more costly than a permanent employee.

Then when you factor in the costs of the recruitment process, money spent advertising your open positions, time spent in the interview and background check process you have a significant amount of expenditures that could have otherwise been used to retain you staff with better benefits. This on average translates into 20% of the cost of the previous employees salary which is more than if you offered the benefits package they found elsewhere.

80% of the workforce in multiple surveys suggest that job seekers prefer better benefits vs. a higher salary. Florida group benefits such as vision, dental insurance, health savings and spending accounts can be obtained with little cost in contrast to overall health insurance coverage.

How to choose the right Group Employee Benefits package
Decide how much you want to contribute to your employee benefits plan. The cost of the group plan is shared by the employer and employee and on average employers pay about 82% for single plans and 71% for a family plan.

Your group benefits insurance agency will help you decide what the best deductible and copay is suitable for you employees based on the size of their family, their income and financial status as well as average age, and the physicians and health institutions they have access to in their network.

Also factor in to the equation the prescription drug programs and other wellness programs they may need. Additional coverages for dental and vision can be add ons so only the employees that desire such coverages can opt into them.

Here is a list of other types of Florida Group Benefits you may want to consider:
• Term Life Insurance - protects employees from unexpected disability, terminal illness or accidental death.
• Short Term Disability - Protection fro income during illness, injury, recovery or child birth.
• Long Term Disability - Extended protection fro long term recovery
• Dental Insurance
• Critical Illness Insurance - coverage beyond normal medical coverage.
• Accident Insurance - Coverage beyond typical medical coverage for accidents.
• Vision Insurance

Contact your Blue Sky agent for a free consultation on Florida Group Benefits coverages for you valued employees. We will discuss the types of coverages that best apply to your business and your staff.


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