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Long term care insurance

A long term care insurance policy helps support your protection for
needed treatment and care of prolonged illness or disability.
Blue Sky Insurance agency in Boca Raton provides several options for coverage.

Did you know, the median age of the United States population is at an all–time high? Adults over the age of 65 can expect to live longer than previous generations. As life expectancy continues to rise in the U.S., more and more Americans between the ages of 40 and 84, especially those in their mid 50s, are preparing for their golden years by a purchasing long term care insurance policy.

Long term care insurance policy boca raton, FL

According to some estimates, long–term care policies cost Americans, on average, $888 per year at age 50, $1,850 per year at age 65, and $5,880 per year at age 75. On a national average, nursing home care costs more than $51,000 a year. With costs rising with age, it is important for consumers to fully understand long–term care insurance and when it should be purchased to best prepare them for the future.

What is Long–term Care?

Long–term care refers to a wide range of medical, personal and social services. You may need this type of care if you have a prolonged illness or disability. This care may include help with daily activities, as well as home health care, adult daycare, nursing home care or care in a group living facility.  Long–term care insurance is one way to pay for long–term care and is a good supplement to your life insurance policy.  

The benefit amount usually is a daily benefit ranging from $50 to $250 per day. You may choose a benefit period that is a specific number of days, months or years. A maximum benefit period may range from one year to the remainder of your lifetime.  It is important to know if the benefit amounts will increase with inflation and if that coverage increases your premium.

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