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Insurance discounts from Blue Sky Insurance agency.

Here are several ways you can save money on your car insurance,
homeowners insurance and other Florida policy premiums.

Several people are already qualified to receive an insurance discount while others can shave money off their insurance rates by taking advantage of offers from the major insurance companies to lessen their risk and keep you safe. Among them are the most popular ways you can get a premium discount on your auto, home, and other types of insurance coverages.

Insurance discounts, Boca Raton Florida

1) Smart Student Discount - If you are getting good grades and under 25 years old you may be eligible for up to 35% discount off of your insurance rates, or if your teen completes a driver education program, lives over 100 miles from you house.

2) Discount for bundling your insurance policies with one company - Depending on which insurance company insures you, you can save from 10% to over 25% on auto and home insurance. Its also easier to work with one company who you rust and provides good service and value to you and your family.

3) Early Sign On Bonus Discount - Insurance companies like Allstate offer a 10% discount on polices signed and paid for over a week in advance of the policy effective date.

4)Defensive Driver Course Discount - Car insurance discounts are meant to improve your driving skills, and allow you to adapt safe driving behaviors. If this can lessen the risk for a claim, the insurance company saves millions of dollars from their entire pool of their insured clients. For people in Florida under the age of 55 a driver's education course is available and those older than 55 can take a defensive driver training course to get the insurance discount. Depending on your insurance carrier, there may be age limits for these courses with some requiring the younger drivers to be under 21.

5) Retired Driver Discount - If you are retired and no longer drive to and from work you can save up to 10% off of your auto insurance policy.

6) Military Discount - If you are active duty, a Military retiree , or a The National Guard or Reserves member you can save up to 15% off of your insurance policies with your military discount.

7) Automated Billing and Withdrawal Discount - When you opt in for automatic payments from your bank account some insurers will give you 5% discount.

8) Insurance discounts for installing a telematics device in your car - This is a tracking system that records data about your driving habits. So if you are a cautious conservative driver the data the insurance company reviews can be favorable to you resulting in discounts that range from 10% to much more. Some insurance companies are adopting smart phone technology to record the data vs. a device installed in your car. The data they look at most closely is speed, breaking habits and other informative data. Each company has their own criteria for determining the insurance premium discounts.

9) Married Derson discount - Some insurance companies offer discounts to those who are married.

10) Multi Car Discount - If you have more than one automobile and you insure them all with one insurance company you can receive a multi car discount for your auto insurance

11) Alarm System Discount - If you home is equipped with an alarm system that is connected to emergency departments and a security company you can get a discount off your home insurance.

12) New roof and impact windows - If your home is over 20 years old, your roof should be replaced for your own liability and security. An old roof can hike up your premiums just as a new roof will provide you a discount off your current policy. And impact windows or hurricane shutters can provide a nice discount off your home insurance premiums. See discounts for wind mitigation inspection.

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