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Home care insurance and long term care inurance
in Florida and answers to Medicaid eligibility

Answers to questions about qualifications for Medicaid, how long term care insurance
will preserve your assets and why you need long term care insurance.

Growing old is a part of life and most likely one day you or your loved ones will need to be admitted into a nursing home for long term care. It's a difficult situation to encounter but as most Floridians work to provide income for their families the ability to care for that individual at home isn’t practical or financially feasible. Below we discuss the qualifications for Medicaid, Government assistance for long term care and why a long term care insurance policy is a good idea, especially for those ages 55 and under.

Long term care insurance costs much less than your typical health insurance policy and can preserve all your financial assets in your golden years when you eventually will incur substantial home care or nursing home expenses up to $10,000 a month.

long term care insurance in Florida

Medicaid and Government assistance for long term care
Fortunately the Government provides resources for families that do not have the financial resources to care for those in need. But this requires a pay down of your financial resources except for those assets that qualify as exempt, not in your name or assets such as a home or automobile. Also a your incomes must be under $2,000 for individuals or $3,000 for a couple before those resources are available to fund your long term care.

The cost of Government care
To reach these limits the government will take from Social Security payments and assets of the person who is receiving long term care. In this case you should be advised by a good attorney to protect your assets by transferring them to your children, or by purchasing other assets in your name. Also government social workers can assist you in navigating this difficult and complex time and help protect your assets.

The Government will go back 5 years or more and you need to come up with documentation of where you money went in minute detail which can be overwhelming for most people.

Why you should have long term care insurance for home care and assisted living facilities
The wisest decision, that most young people have furthest from their mind is to buy protection early in life with long term care insurance when premiums are the least expensive. When you have long term care or home care insurance you insurance company will step in and the assets mentioned above can be protected.

The cost of home care or nursing home assisted living facilities can cost anywhere from $75,000 a year to over $100,000 a year. Long term and home care care insurance now also covers in-home care from home health care agencies as well as nursing homes. So considering that the long term care time frame could extend to 5 years or more that is a major financial burden to accept for most families.

Even if you are in your 50’s it is still important to consider buying a long term care policy. Depending on your health, the policy may cost $200 - $300 a month. The good news is, say you benefits start out at $300,000 at the time you pay your first premium. In 20 to 30 years that amount of coverage rises to over $800,000. In this case your long term care expenses are taken care of and your assets are fully protected.

Your children and your spouse no longer have to worry about the financial burden of your home care costs. You can even live at home for your remaining years which is a comfort to you and your family.

Contact Blue Sky Insurance agency in Boca Raton to learn more about securing your finances, long term care and also you piece of mind entering your old age. We will customize a plan that best suits your goals and financial situation.

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