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How life insurance policy rate premiums are calculated.

Life insurance rates are determined by the mortality risk, rate of return
for insurance companies and the profile of the person insured.

Blue Sky insurance agency in Boca Raton shows clients how life insurance rates are calculated for whole and term life policies.

When you apply for a life insurance policy, the insurance company calculates your monthly rates by learning about your lifestyle, age, who benefits and the rate of return they will get by investing your paid premiums over an estimated time frame.

Age is the primary factor that is used to begin assessing your life insurance rates. The longer the insured person is likely to live, the lower the rate will be. This is because more money will be paid over time and the rate of return the insurance company gets from investing your money will accumulate and compound longer. This gives the insurance company a better chance to collect the amount needed to pay out your claim.

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This is the case whether you buy a whole life insurance policies or a term life policy. Often insurance companies have a cut off age of 65 to where they will refuse to provide life insurance.

Your gender also goes into the life insurance rate calculation. Women on average live longer than men by about 5 years, so although the funds paid into the plan by women is not that much different it still factors into the way insurers calculate your rates.

How physically fit are you? Insurance companies look at your BMI - Body Mass Index. In other words they look at the ratio of your height and weight to asses your physical condition. The higher your weight is compared to your height the more you will pay for life insurance.

Your medical history plays an important role in assessing your future mortality and rate premiums. You will be required to complete an questionnaire and provide an accurate account of your physical condition and medical history. In addition, you may also be required to undergo a physical.

In other cases life insurance companies may request a report from the Medical Information Bureau. In turn they will receive a medical history of your entire life that consists of surgeries, hospital visits, and health conditions. Smokers will surely pay higher premiums as this is considered one of the top causes of death and in most cases shorten the life expectancy.

Your genetic profile is also used to assess your future health risks. The insurer will often look into your family medical history for genetic diseases or common ailments your linear family member have in common. This does not include your parents siblings or their children.

All of this information will paint a thorough picture of your physical condition, medical history and risk assessment to the insurer.

Another item that you will be questioned about is what you do for a living. Some occupations are more hazardous than others for serious injury or detriments to your health. Individuals with occupations such as first responders, construction workers, careers involving hazardous chemicals and others will cost more to insure and others may not even be insurable.

This also includes your hobbies. If you go skydiving, rock climbing and scuba diving on a regular basis this will factor in to higher costs for your life insurance premiums.

Lastly the policy you choose determines the cost. If you choose a 30 year policy there is a greater chance that the person who is insured will die during the time of the policy. Also the higher the death benefit the more you will pay because the insurer has to pay more to the beneficiaries.

In addition to life insurance it is wise to get a long term care insurance policy that will preserve your assets when you need care in a nursing home or home care. To find out what your annual premium is fior the type of coverage you want, use our online life insurance calculator. Enter your policy information and recieve the lowest cost from all of our 70 top tier carriers. You can also use our insurance calculator for any type of coverage you need rates for.

Talk to a Blue Sky representative about whole and term life insurance policies and let us find you the best coverage to suit the financial goals for you and your family. Blue Sky Insurance also has products that can be combined with a life insurance policy to secure your family’s future such as Accidental Death Insurance, Mortgage Protection Insurance for your Florida home, Disability and Final Expense Insurance in Boca Raton plus a variety of quality Annuities.

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