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The best insurance agencies in Boca Raton
for personal and commercial policies.

Tips on finding the best insurance agency, agent or broker in Boca Raton
for low Florida policy rates and quality protection.

Consider are how well you will be serviced and the depth of care and knowledge your insurance agent has to make sure your coverage needs are sufficient for the many assets and forms of protection your lifestyle requires.

To accomplish this, your priority should be to find the best insurance agencies in Boca Raton that puts your needs above theirs and is truly concerned about your well being. In addition they should be well experienced with the insurance needs of residents in South Florida. Always choose an independent insurance agent so you get a wider variety of rates and coverage.

Boca Raton has hundreds of insurance agents to choose from so it is up to you to find the one you can trust to provide the correct protection coverage. South Florida has its own unique demographic and geographic factors that have implications to your policy depending on the type of coverage you are looking for.

For instance, wind storm coverage is usually the largest percentage of your Florida home insurance policy which covers your home, replacement costs, and temporary living arrangements, etc in the event of hurricane damage.

Insurance in Boca Raton, Florida

Choosing the right insurance agent is important because they have a big part of your life in their care and you need to be assured your best interests are being taken care of. Always get referrals and look at positive or negative reviews left online. Look into their experience and when you call do they take care of you right away or are you left wondering how is it going to be working with this agent based on your initial contact.

Find out if the agency takes an active roll in the community or charities and always make sure you know they are licensed in the State of Florida. Blue Sky Insurance specializes in many different insurance industries and many times people choose specialty agents such as home insurance agents, life insurance agents, employee benefits insurance agencies, commercial property insurance agents, business insurance agencies, and commercial auto insurance agents. We recommend having one agency capable of protecting all of your assets and financial stability, not just one or two.

South Florida also has considerable property located on canals and A1A along the beach as well as flood areas further inland which must be covered. Most people don’t know that the most property damage cause by hurricanes are due to storm surge.

Boca Raton emerged in the 1890’s as a small agricultural town before the 1920’s when Addison Mizner transitioned Boca into a tourist community with the erection of the Boca Raton Resort and Club. At approximately 30 square miles of South Florida land, Boca is among of South Florida’s most prestigious communities with popular outdoor shopping such as Mizner Park and the Boca Raton Town Center Mall and a variety of fine dining and entertainment.

Boca Raton is all home to many prominent business like Office Depot and ADT corp. which are headquartered in Boca. There are over 44,000 store front businesses in Boca Raton and over 50,000 households that all require proper auto insurance, health insurance, group benefits and more. As part of the community and with 15 years in the insurance industry, Blue Sky Insurance® continues to serve businesses and individuals with impeccable service and integrity.

Also, we always update our site to provide Boca Raton residents with sound advice such as tips how to lower your insurance rates, and other useful information such as how different insurance agents affect your rate premiums, and also how insurance agencies quote your rates.

As a member of the Boca Raton Chamber Of Commerce we attend events regularly to stay in touch with the business community. We also give part of our income to charities in Palm Beach County.

Below, we will touch on the most popular types of coverages that residents of Palm Beach County have and information on how to obtain these types of policies.

Auto Insurance in Boca Raton:
Auto insurance coverage in Boca Raton should adequately protect you in the case of liability for damage to another person or vehicle or yourself and your automobile. The risk people take by only purchasing the minimum coverage is that you can lose everything you own and even have your wages garnished all due to one severe accident.

Uninsured motorists are a big issue in South Florida and also participate in the rising cost of auto insurance. We always recommend that you protect yourself from calamity, after all isn’t that what insurance is for?
Minimum limits for auto coverage are -

• $10,000 of no-fault or personal injury protection (PIP) insurance.
• $10,000 of property damage liability (PDL) insurance
• $10,000 limit Emergency medical condition
• $2,500 Non-emergency medical condition

The average minimum coverage by residents in Florida are -
• $100,000 limit per person / $300,000 per accident
• $50,000 of property damage liability (PDL) insurance
• $20,000 uninsured motorist
• $10,000 limit Emergency medical condition
• $2,500 Non-emergency medical condition
• $500 deductible

Click here to learn more about Florida auto insurance.

Florida Homeowners insurance in Boca Raton
Boca Raton home owners insurance protects your property with a combination of coverages in your homeowners policy. These coverages protect your home, its contents, loss of use and injury liability. Often accompanying a home insurance policy (see tips on reducing your home insurance rates)is a separate flood insurance policy. The amount of the deductible you choose can dramatically reduce your rates.

Also if you get a wind mitigation inspection completed and the paperwork submitted to your insurance company, you can reduce your home insurance rates that way as well. Alarms, security, fire alarms, meeting all hurricane codes and other details can save you even more.

Here are the typical coverages in a Florida homeowners policy.
• Dwelling
• Personal Property
• Liability
• Medical Payments
• Loss of Use
• Flood

Florida Health Insurance in Boca Raton
Health insurance for you and your family helps cover medical expenses you incur during a calendar after the enrollment period. Health insurance can be accompanied by a life insurance plan, dental and vision coverage. There are several types of coverages for your health from different carriers and plans. Consult with an experienced agent so you can get the best possible coverage and rates that fit your budget.

Here are the types of Florida Health Insurance Plans to choose from:

These are the Health Exchange Plans being offered:
• Bronze: Covers up to 60%
• Silver: Covers up to 70%
• Gold: Covers up to 80%
• Platinum: Covers up to 90%
• Catastrophic: Up to 100%

Florida commercial auto insurance in Boca Raton
Businesses in Boca Raton are required to cover their commercial vehicle fleets and as a business owner you are looking for the right type of commercial auto insurance coverage for your vehicles to protect your company from loss due to your driver’s accident or personal liability due to negligence of an employee. There are several types of commercial auto insurance coverage so consult with your agent to get the policies that best serve your enterprise and your budget.

Commercial vehicles covered are:
• Passenger Vehicles
• Commercial trucks and SUVs
• Flatbeds Trucks
• Commercial Box Trucks
• Refrigerator and Utility Trucks

Commercial property insurance in Boca Raton
Blue Sky Insurance agency specializes in Florida commercial property insurance representing over 70 carriers. We shop around for you to obtain the best top tier carriers so your insurance company is there for you when you need them most and also the best possible rates to help reduce the cost of owning a commercial property. (See tips on buying commercial property insurance)

Commercial insurance in Boca covers 5 main areas:
• The building and it replacement costs
• Flood insurance, especially if your property is located on a canal or the beach
• Business Property and assets
• Business Income Loss
• EDP Insurance

Florida Group benefits in Boca Raton
Every business should provide Florida group benefits to their employees in order to hire and retain the best talent. This is the single most beneficial perks you have offer your employees. Group Benefits consist or a variety of offerings you can purchase for your staff. They include flexible savings account and spending accounts that help individuals save for and pay their medical expenses.

We can also draw up policies tailored specifically for your company with Dental, Life, and Long Term Care insurance. The most important benefit of all is your group health insurance policy. At Blue Sky Insurance® we work with all types of businesss for small family owned shops to large corporations with hundreds of employees.

Blue Sky Insurance® has over 15 years experience serving local residents and clients statewide. Our staff is carefully selected and we have a common philosophy to care about each client's needs as if they were our own. If you are considering buying business, commercial or personal insurance of any type in Boca Raton, let us go to work for you and present you with outstanding coverages and very competitive rates for the insurance your need.

We always offer free consultations and cup of espresso at our office on Palmetto Park Road, so call for an appointment or contact us with your information and we will call you at your convenience. Go here for tips on buying Florida group benefits insurance

Get a Florida health insurance quote online from Blue Sky Insurance® or call us at 866-910-0030 for a free consultation. When you are insured through Blue Sky® you become part of our family and look forward to making sure you are well taken care of.

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